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AA/NA Live! Recovery Meeting App

A live meeting in your pocket, anywhere, anytime!
Automatic meeting attendance verification email.
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Welcome to AA/NA Live!

AA/NA Live! helps people seeking recovery to locate and attend 12 Step AA & NA Zoom video recovery meetings directly from their phones or browser with instant access to live meetings.

To join any live recovery meeting, simply tap the LIVE icon on a meeting listing. Otherwise tap the meeting name for details. Meetings are conducted via Zoom video.

Recovery is a growing global community of people who recover by following the 12 steps. AA/NA Live! is your gateway to recovery and the community that needs your participation!

Whether a newcomer or an old timer, AA/NA Live! offers 24/7 access to a growing list of thousands of AA/NA meetings.


Explore the Recovery World!

AA/NA Live! is global in nature and has the muscle to handle it. The search features are second to none. All meetings are in in the users local timezone. Meetings may be conducted from anywhere at anytime in any language.



Automatic meeting attendance reports sent via email.

'Live Meetings' for quick browsing of available meetings.

You may select a home meeting shortcut on the home screen.

You may select favorite meetings for your reference.

You can ignore global meeting timezones. All meetings are in your local time.



App versions of AA/NA Live! will run on all current devices running iOS or Android!

Spa version of AA/NA Live! will run on all current desktop browsers, but does require the Zoom App to be installed to join meetings.

A meeting in your pocket, anywhere, anytime!

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