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Live Meetings

At the heart of AA/NA Live! is our commitment to bringing live meetings directly to you. This distinguishing feature sets AA/NA Live! apart from other recovery meeting resources, ensuring that you always have instant access to meetings, day or night.

Leveraging an extensive network of online recovery meetings from across the Internet, AA/NA Live! simplifies the process of attending these meetings.


Attendance Verification

AA/NA Live! offers a seamless solution for meeting attendance verification. No more hassle of requesting verification emails or dealing with email clutter. With our app, attendance is automatically recorded upon request, ensuring your privacy and providing clean, concise, and verifiable attendance reports.


Recovery Dashboard

The Recovery Dashboard in AA/NA Live! offers users a comprehensive overview of their recovery progress, allowing them to identify trends and potential warning signs of a relapse as well as celebrate the progress of their recovery.

With visually appealing graphs showcasing meeting attendance, a clean time counter, a user-friendly calendar that presents attendance history in a clear format, and a fresh take on the traditional 90 meetings in 90 days concept, now tracking 90 meeting hours in 90 days for virtual meetings, the dashboard provides valuable insights and encouragement to support your recovery journey.


Recovery Journal

By incorporating daily journaling into your recovery practice through AA/NA Live!'s electronic recovery journal, you can foster self-reflection, personal growth, and spiritual development. It provides a safe and accessible avenue to record your thoughts, emotions, and gratitude, facilitating a deeper understanding of yourself and your recovery journey.


Join Any Meeting

In AA/NA Live!, we understand that relying solely on a static directory of meeting listings can be limiting. That's why we empower our users to attend any online meeting they desire, including new meetings that may not be listed in the AA/NA Live! app yet. We believe in giving you the flexibility and freedom to connect with the recovery community in the way that best suits your needs.


App Features

  1. 24/7 Access to Live Meetings
  2. Prioritized listings of featured and favorite meetings
  3. Automatic Attendance Verification
  4. Meeting Reminders via Push Notifications
  5. Recovery Dashboard
    • Clean Time Counter
    • Prayers
    • Meeting Minutes per Day
    • Monthly Meeting Calendar
    • 90/90 Counter
  6. Meeting Notes
  7. Join Any Meeting
  8. Recovery Journal
    • Entry Title & Emoji
    • Gratitude List
    • Daily Affirmations & Highlights
    • Accomplishments
  9. Online Resources for over 16 NA and 10 AA periodicals.
  10. 1000’s of online recovery meetings.
  11. Digital Meeting Attendance Email Reports
  12. In Meeting User Profile
  13. Settings
    • Seven color themes
  14. Powerful Meeting Search
    • By Zoom Id
    • By Meeting Name
    • By Type and Language
    • By Day and Time
  15. Favorites
  16. Recovery Memes
  17. Find Treatment
  18. Suicide Hotline
  19. In-App Tutorials
  20. Online User Guide
  21. In-App User Support Requests
  22. In-App Subscription Management